Why do I need a skincare routine?

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Routines. Self-care. Anti-ageing. Double cleansing. Oil-based. Suspensions.
The skincare industry comes with so much jargon that it can be pretty hard to navigate. For some of us, that means giving up on finding the right products altogether. For others, it may mean foregoing time-consuming research into ingredients and skin types and just grabbing what looks like the most convenient, effective product on the shelf.

What is skincare, and do you even need it?

While you might think of skincare as fancy glass jars that line the shelves of cosmetics counters at a department store, the definition is broader than that. In fact, the definition offered by Cambridge Dictionary is “things that you do and use to keep your skin healthy and attractive,” which sums it up nice and succinctly. Everything from facewash to the sunscreen you put on every day fits into the “skincare” category. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that skincare isn’t just necessary; it could be life-saving.

Avoiding skin cancer isn’t the only reason to have a skincare routine, however. There are plenty of other reasons to make a routine or add new products to one that you have established:

Is your skin easily irritated?

If you aren’t cleansing morning and night, that’s a good place to start. Proper cleansing twice a day with a facial cleanser will help remove oil and irritants that build up on your skin. A nighttime cleanse is especially important because not only is your face becoming oilier during the day, it’s also picking up irritants and pollutants from the air. 

When you’re ready to cleanse all that stuff off, please don’t use your body wash or the nearest bar soap. Body washes and standard bar soaps aren't formulated for the sensitive, more delicate skin on your face. A great facial cleanser nourishes your skin while cleansing it. Our Blue Freedom Capsule Cleansing Foam contains ingredients like milk thistle extract, which moisturises and soothes your skin while helping maintain its elasticity. Antioxidants in the extract help protect your skin from pollutants and UV rays. Your humble body wash can’t do all that and is likely to irritate your skin further if you’re already experiencing issues.

Hate that tight feeling you get after washing your face?

It might be time to step up your moisturising game. For a long time, men have been told to tough it out with soap and water, but if your skin is feeling dry and raw, reach for a moisturiser or add some supplements to your routine to target specific issues like redness, flaky skin, or rough texture. A great place to start is with our Blue Blended Lotion Essence, which includes our unique Scottish Blended Formula, a combination of extracts from barley, malt, and corn, to hydrate, protect and provide antioxidants to the skin. 

For those who really struggle to find products that don’t irritate their skin, the smart thing to do is talk to your dermatologist. They can point you towards products that work for you or even write you a prescription since some stubborn forms of acne and irritation require a specially tailored solution.

Want to recharge after a long day at work?

Treat yourself with a mask. Ingredients like mint can help you cool down, and if you’re suffering from dryness, they do a great job at delivering concentrated moisture to your skin and sealing it in. On the flip side, if you’re feeling extra oily after a day outside, grab a clay mask. The idea of rubbing “dirt” all over your face might be a bit strange, but clay does a great job of absorbing things you don’t want on your skin, like sebum, which can cause breakouts, and toxins from environmental pollution. A bonus is that many masks, especially the ones you swipe on by hand or brush, smell great and can serve as some end-of-the-day aromatherapy.



Just want to look your best?

It simply doesn’t make sense that most of the skincare options out there are for women. Guys deserve the opportunity to invest in their skin, too. If you’re styling your hair, putting together an outfit that makes you feel confident, and carefully selecting the watch you wear or the bag you carry, it’s only natural to add skincare to the mix. You want skin that looks young, clear, and bright, so it’s time to start adding some products that will help you achieve that to your daily routine.

Care about your health?

You eat right, work out, and take vitamins to keep your system running smoothly. Make sure you’re taking care of the largest organ you have—your skin. It’s easy to forget how important skin is, especially if you feel like you’re at war with it, trying to eliminate acne, turn back the clock, or calm irritation day after day. However, even when your skin is giving you trouble, it’s protecting your body from pathogens and pollutants. Give it some support by cleansing properly, moisturising, and using SPF to reduce the risk of damage from UV rays.

If you're ready to build your skincare routine, we have all the essentials you need to get started. If you want to learn more about skincare—from individual products to building a routine—make sure you keep checking in on the Scott Hamish Blog.


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