About Us

For a more detailed description of what we stand for, check out our manifesto.

The Company

Scott Hamish is a men’s grooming and lifestyle brand. Inspired by Scotland, the brand is owned by Cheon365 Co. Ltd., a privately held corporation based in Seoul, South Korea. 



To inspire men of any age to be greater than they ever thought they could be.



Create self-care products, practices, and lifestyles that instill confidence and class, and a sense of fullness in people's lives.




A key ingredient to self improvement is respecting both others and ourselves so that we can identify and accept our own faults, act to improve them, and not get lost judging ourselves and others along the way.


Life is short and you only live once. As Oscar Wilde once suggested, why spend it just “existing”? To live a life full to the brim, we need to be purposeful. We need to understand the why behind our actions and decisions while our eyes on that bigger picture in everything we do..


It’s like that Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken”. You will never know what’s-what about your life or the world unless you choose to venture in a new direction. Adventure, trying new things, and experimenting with life are key to discovering ourselves.


To continue to quote great thinkers, “Objects in motion stay in motion.” We all want to stay young and sexy but at the end of the day staying young is all about staying moving, healthy, and looking on the bright side.


Forgive the adage but knowledge is power. We need to be informed and aware in order to make the best decisions for ourselves and those around us. We must seek knowledge to maintain independence and freedom in our own lives.