Don’t you reckon it’s about time we get back to the basics of it all? Every which way you look nowadays there’s a deluge of information and should-dos that distract us from the important things in life. After watching the latest this-and-that, reading up on how to hustle your way or hack your life into perfection, it’s easy to lose track. The more you have, the more you get, the less you seem to be. It’s easy to lose ourselves if we don't focus on who we are. So let’s get back to the basics, the principles, that is, that make a man and his life a wee bit better than the day before. 

At Scott Hamish, that’s what we aim to do. Our goal is to inspire men, of any age, to be greater than they ever thought they could be. By creating self-care products, practices, and lifestyles that focus us back on the foundations of who we are, we can inspire confidence and class and give a greater sense of fullness to life.

There are some basic values we feel are important to realising this vision. First is a sense of respect. Of course, respect for other people, but also respect for ourselves. It is self-respect that enables us to identify and accept our own flaws, act to improve them, and not get lost while judging and comparing ourselves to others along the way. 

In addition to respect, one also needs to seek a sense of purpose. To paraphrase the great Irish writer Oscar Wilde, no one should spend their life just “existing”. Life is meant to be lived. In order to do that, we need to fill it to the brim. That’s what purpose does. Having a reason for the why behind the what of what we do helps us set our sights on greater and grander things.

Now with respect in one hand and purpose in the other, we must sum up the courage to be adventurous. Adventure widens the world. It’s like what Robert Frost said in “The Road Not Taken”. You will never know the what’s-what in life or the world unless you choose to venture in a new direction once in a while. Try something new, go somewhere you haven’t been, challenge yourself to a new adventure and experiment. This will help you discover what’s good about yourself — but also what could be better.

Yet of course, we get tired sometimes. Who doesn’t? There’s nothing wrong with a good rest.  But, never forget that life is meant to be lived. Focus on vitality. To continue to quote another great thinker, “An object in motion stays in motion.” We needn’t say who said that one do we? Youth isn’t an age, it's an attitude. Keep moving, keep healthy, and look on the bright side.

Lastly, an adage to top it off. Knowledge is power. You need to be informed and aware in order to make the decisions for yourself and the ones you love. Knowledge gives you freedom and independence. It gives you the right, the power, and the opportunity to choose the life you want to live.