Blue Freedom Capsule Cleansing Foam - Scott Hamish

Blue Freedom Capsule Cleansing Foam / 150ml

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1. Product description 

The capsule cleansing foam helps to clean deeply the skin without drying its moisture. Formulated with BHA ingredients that act as exfoliators to remove the dead skin cells while moisturizing with the cooling effect of blue phyto captuses. 

2. How to use 
Apply a small amount of the capsule cleansing foam to clean fingertips. 
Gently apply and massage into the skin in circular motions avoiding the immediate eye area
Rinse with temperature water and gently pad dry

3. Recommended for 
All skin types especially those with dehydrated oily skin 

4. Key Ingredients

  • Scottish Blended Complex: A unique blend of barley, malt, and corn that contains optimized ingredients for male skin. It is also an effective antioxidant for skin energy recharge
  • White patterned thistle extract: Great for soothing & antioxidant care 
  • 5- fold hyaluronic acid: increase the moisture and elasticity 
  • Phyto capsule: Heps with exfoliation and moisturizing 
  • Witch Hazel Water: Helps with pore care and reduce skin irritation after shaving 
  • BHA to exfoliate, remove deadcells and treat pores